Points Allocation

You are interested in how points are being allocated? This page should give you all the insights. Yet, have in mind that "Early Risers Hub" is still in active development and points for different actions could change with time. Moreover, if you have an idea how to ballance things out better, please don't hesitate to leave us some feedback

10 Correct Answer Giving a correct answer at the checkin queston that we've prepared every morning.
5 Incorrect Answer The same as above, but when you give a wrong answer.
-1 Check-in Delay You will receive one penalty point for every 15 minutes of delay from your target alarm. In the end, out goal is to get motivated to wake up with our alarm and stop snoozing. The maximum penalty points you will receive equal to the points you've received for a correct or an incorrect answer minus one. I.e. You have a minimum of one point that you will get with every check-in.
5 Non-Mobile Check-in Well, as checking in from your computer implies that you are out of your bed, you get bonnus points for that.
10 Streak Record You are goind to receive bonus points every time you reach a new streak record.
1 Streak Bonus Bonus points for preserving your streak. The number of the streak's week multiplied by this. For example, the first week you are going to get 1 bonus points on every check-in, and 3 points on every check-in on the third week.
3 Average Check-in Time Kept When you keep your current average check-in time.
5 Average Check-in Time Improved When you improve your average check-in time.
Average Check-in Time is calculated based on the latest 21 check-ins. Why exactly 21? Because it is believed that you need to repeat something 21 times in order to make it a habit.

Latest update: 2016-03-04