Aloha! This is Stan Bright, and I have always wanted to become an early riser. That's why I built this site. The goal of "Early Risers Hub" is to help people acquire the habit of waking up early and be more productive. Including myself.

TLTR, by participating in Early Risers Hub, you will have a good start of the day consisting of:

  • An incentive to wake up on time - earning more points
  • Some play - competing with others around the world
  • Something valuable - the local weather forecast
  • Something interesting - the international holidays of the day
  • Something inspirational - articles from trusted lifestyle bloggers

You know, when waking up, if you have some incentive you are less prone to snooze. Moreover, once you have gone out of bed, you are less likely to return to it. And this is exactly how "Early Risers Hub" will help you. By checking in every day, you are going to earn points and compete with others in the community. If you snooze, you earn less points, and if you check in through a computer you earn more. Also, in order to check in, you will have to answer a simple question whose answer would be found easily on Google. The idea is to get you start thinking and thus wake you up.

So, what is the machanics?
In your "Early Risers Hub" profile you will set when is your alarm. For example - 7 a.m. Then, every morning you will have to check in between 7:00 and 7:15 to earn maximum points. You are going to receive an reminding email with a direct check-in link. For every delay of 15 minutes after 7:15 your check-in points will decrease. This is done in order to urge you not to snooze! Furthermore, when you check-in through the browser of a computer, you will earn bonus points. The idea is that it would imply that you are out of bed, which is the whole point of this exercise. Learn how points are being allocated.

In the end, once you check in, will enjoy some small rewards. You will see a local weather forecast, which international holidays are today, and some daily inspirational articles from prominent bloggers.